Family Law Doctoral Program (S3) Carries out an International Academic Forum at Sisters in Islam (SIS), Malaysia

Family Law Doctoral Program (S3) of Postgraduate UIN Raden Intan Lampung carries out an International Field Competency Strengthening (PKL) in several countries, one of which is Malaysia. One of the places visited was Sisters in Islam (SIS), Selangor, Malaysia.

This activity was attended by 12 people consisting of nine students, two lecturers and one staff. The purpose of coming to Sisters in Islam (SIS) is as an International Academic Forum for students and lecturers to share issues that exist in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our arrival was welcomed directly by Rozana Isa as Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS). This activity began with self-introductions from each party, both from the Postgraduate UIN Raden Intan Lampung and Sisters in Islam (SIS).

This was followed by a sharing session which was started by Rozana Isa, Huda, and Azareena as speakers from Sisters in Islam (SIS) by providing a brief explanation about the background to the establishment of SIS in Malaysia, studies that had been carried out by SIS, the development of Family Law in Indonesia and Malaysia. Besides that, they have a project to help the rights of Muslim women, especially in Malaysia, starting from problem analysis to resolution.

The conclusion from the sharing session that has been discussed is that the implementation of Islamic family law in Indonesia is apparently more advanced and more protective of women’s rights compared to Malaysia. (twi)